1. Why should I integrate with Hubspot?

    Rafiki-Hubspot CRM integration allows your teams to see meetings in the context of Accounts and Deals that they are working on. This provides an integrated 360-degree of deal along the touch points that the Rep has had with the prospect, which is particularly important to track in long running deals.

  2. How does Rafiki integrate with Hubspot CRM?

    Rafiki uses OAuth authentication to connect to Hubspot CRM. We do not store your Hubspot credentials.

  3. What does Rafiki import from Hubspot CRM?

    Rafiki imports accounts, opportunities, and contacts and associates them with the meetings.

  4. How does Rafiki map meetings to the Hubspot Deal/Opportunity?

    Rafiki maps the Meetings to the Deal based on the participants of the meeting. Find out more.

  5. Does Rafiki push data to Hubspot?

    Yes. Rafiki automatically associates meetings with the deal/opportunity based on the participants of the meeting. Rafiki automatically generates topic specific meeting notes and these are pushed to the Deal in Hubspot CRM. Find out more

  6. What does Rafiki use the Hubspot data for?

    Rafiki stores the data we pull from Hubspot CRM to analyze your meetings and touch points with your prospects to provide meaningful, actionable insights

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