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Meeting, Snippet and Playlist Sharing
Meeting, Snippet and Playlist Sharing

Ways to share a meeting internally or with customers

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You can share meetings with people inside and outside your organization. Share snippets of meetings so that the recipient hears the specific part you want them to hear, or create playlists of meetings and snippets and set an expiration date for listening to the shared meeting. You can also see statistics about a meeting's shares and views.

Why would I want to share a Meeting?

  • It's a courtesy to include a link to the call in your follow-up email.

  • Our FollowUp feature automatically generates this link that is tracked.

  • 'When you share a meeting with a customer, and they share it onwards, it's a good indicator that the deal is moving forward.

  • Seeing who a customer has forwarded a call to could tell you who you need to reach out to next.

  • Sharing a call internally allows you to loop in other stakeholders or ask a reviewer for feedback.

    How do I share a Meeting?

    Click Share Meeting at the top right of the Meeting page for the Meeting you want to share and select one of the options.

    Share meetings
  • You can also share a snippet of a call by highlighting text in the call transcript and using the popup menu that is displayed.

Share Externally

Sharing externally allows anyone with the link to view the meeting.

  • What do they see? When you share with customers, they receive a link with a simplified version of the meeting page. If the call includes a video, the video is shared.

Share externally with link tracking
  • Enter a list of email addresses and messages to be sent

  • Link expiration from the dropdown select the number of days you would like the link to be active.

  • Track link opens by checking the box next to "Notify me when someone opens the link" to track if the customer has opened the link

  • Click on Share to send an email to an external email.

  • You can copy the Shareable link to the clipboard by clicking on the Get Shareable Link option -- This is not tracked.

Share internally

You can share calls internally with Rafiki users via email or Slack.

share meeting via slack
  • Share via Slack: To do this, your Rafiki account needs to be connected to Slack. If you want to share a call on a private channel, Rafiki must be invited to that channel.

  • Share with the user via email: Select the users with whom you would like to share the Meeting.

  • Click on the Share button

When you share a meeting internally, Rafiki sends the recipient a link to the call that they can access in Rafiki. If the recipient isn't a Rafiki user, they receive a link to a simplified version of the call page that is available for a limited amount of time. If the call includes a video, the video is shared.


  • Shared snippets are highlighted for the recipient when shared, including when saved to the library and as part of a comment or feedback request. If the shared snippet is brief, the call page opens to the Transcript view by default.

  • You can also share a snippet of a meeting by highlighting text in the meeting transcript and using the popup menu that is displayed.

  • Create Snippet button in the Snippet tab also takes you to a workflow where the

    • snippet is created

    • added to a playlist

    • shared internally or externally

      Share snippets


  • Playlists are your library of good meetings and good snippets that you want to be part of your Onboarding or New Rep Training material

  • Playlists can only be shared internally from the Playlist Dashboard

  • Share playlists with your team

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