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Coaching with Rafiki
Coaching and Self-Improvement with Rafiki
Coaching and Self-Improvement with Rafiki

How Rafiki can help improve performance of every rep

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Your customer conversations are being recorded and analyzed - now it's time to take your sales team to the next level! Learn how Rafiki can help Reps with self-guided steps or through a structured manager-driven program.

Browse the sections below to see how you can use Rafiki for coaching in your org.

Self-learning for Reps

Reps can leverage Rafiki to get better at the game:

  1. Check out the meeting analysis and compare it with the best meetings

  2. Understand how you are performing when compared to others in your org with Rafiki's Org-level analytics

  3. Get feedback on calls through comments

Coaching for Frontline Managers

Frontline managers can coach reps with Rafiki in the following ways:

  1. Comment on your reps' call

  2. Fill out a scorecard

  3. Check out how reps are handling key topics and trackers

  4. Review your scorecard templates and see how they can be used to improve reps that are lagging

  5. Check team stats to track and compare frequently-used KPIs for each of your team members

Sales Enablement and Sales Managers

  1. Scorecards - score calls based on our own criteria

  2. System Topics - identify topics your team should talk more - or less - about

  3. Trackers: Overview - track keywords and get critical insights

  4. Playlists - create playlists with best demos, objection handling, and more to help onboard, learn the product and how to pitch...and more!

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